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The Makers Market and Workshops is the creation of Jennifer Bade and Jennifer Gunter. Known as Jenn and Jenny, these two dynamic women met through a volunteer organization and became quick friends when they realized all they had in common, especially a shared passion for DIY. Several years later, the idea of opening a retail store appealed to these outgoing mamas. Jenn and Jenny envisioned creating a space where women would love to gather together to create the latest trends in home decor in a relaxing and socially inviting environment. They also  dreamt of a retail boutique that offered procured and personalized gifts. Their combined vision will soon become a reality as The Makers Market and Workshops plans their Grand Opening in October of 2016.


Meet The Founders


Jenn has always had an entrepreneurial spirit in addition to her natural eye for design. For the past decade, she has enjoyed crafting and selling personalized gifts from her home and on Etsy. Her husband once joked that anything a client asked her to create, she could figure out how to do it... and it wouldn't be long before NASA would call and ask her to build a space station! Until NASA calls, Jenn stays busy crafting, decorating, and  enjoying quality time with her husband, their four children, and entertaining friends. 


 Jenny, an active volunteer at church and her children's schools, is known for her thoughtful handcrafted cards and gifts as well as her extensive DIY tool collection. Jenny is the type to spend hours on handmade valentines for her child's class, even though she knows many may end up in the trash bin. She realizes one card just might make someone's day and that makes the endeavor worthwhile. This busy wife and mother of two boys, joyfully shares her passion for cooking and crafting with family and friends and soon with the public through this exciting business venture







John Fields Our Master Carpenter

 John Fields



Not only does John Happen to be Jenn's dad, but he's also a master carpenter with over 50 years of experience.  John started wood working at the young age of 14! His career includes; furniture building and antique furniture restoration. Now that Jenn and Jenny have brought him out of retirement, he spends his days putting his craftsmanship into every single project at The Makers Market.